Trending in NYC Real Estate

one beacon penthouse

Some of the top trends in the NYC residential real estate market.

The Best Street Art in NYC

Some of the best street art in the world is scattered throughout New York City. Many talented artists use the street as their canvas, freely sharing their work, and enlivening public spaces with their imaginative creations.

DwellingsNYC took photos of some of the best street art in New York City, including work from some of the top New York-based street artists– Dain, Dee Dee, Bradley Theodore and Emerson Cooper.

The Difference Between Buying a Condo & Co-op in NYC—Explained in Inches

Many are surprised by the amount of paperwork it takes to purchase a co-op or condominium apartment in New York City.

As a real estate broker in Manhattan for over 17 years, I’ve put together numerous condo and co-op purchase applications. Recently I photographed some of the applications and the pictures show a major difference between buying a co-op or condo apartment.

The Mayor of the Meatpacking District—Roberto Monticello

Roberto Monticello

Dubbed “The Mayor of the Meatpacking District,” long-time resident, Roberto Monticello, shared some crazy stories with DwellingsNYC about things he has witnessed in the neighborhood.

A writer and director, Roberto also discussed his most recent project, a highly disturbing documentary expose about the hundreds of children that are trafficked annually from overseas to the tri-state areas of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

The Top 5 Best New Developments in Downtown Manhattan

The Top 5 new developments located in Downtown Manhattan’s best neighborhoods—West Chelsea, Flatiron, Soho, Tribeca and the West Village.