Almost Half of Americans Have Regrets About Their Home Purchase

Forty-four percent of homeowners have regrets about their most recent home purchase or the process they went through when buying it according to a survey by Trulia.

The biggest regret was not buying the right home size according to 42% of the 2,000 people surveyed, with a third of homeowners wishing they had bought a bigger home.

Fifteen percent of those polled wished they had more information before deciding on their home and 26% wished that they had done more or less remodeling after their purchase.

The top regret for renters (41%) was wishing that they had purchased instead of rented and 33% said that they wish they would of chosen a larger residence.

If you are currently renting in NYC and not sure if you should buy, DwellingsNYC recently published an article that outlines some important factors to consider in determining when it makes financial sense.


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