The Difference Between Buying a Condo & Co-op in NYC—Explained in Inches

Many are surprised by the amount of paperwork it takes to purchase a co-op or condominium apartment in New York City.

As a real estate broker in Manhattan for over 17 years, I’ve put together numerous condo and co-op purchase applications. Recently I photographed some of the applications and the pictures show a major difference between buying a co-op or condo apartment.

Your Privacy is Blown if You Make this Common Mistake When Buying Property in an LLC

People who purchase property in an LLC usually do so to maintain privacy and to limit personal liability in the event of a lawsuit or divorce.

When forming an LLC there is a simple yet common mistake oftentimes made that ends up revealing the true owner’s identity.

What Every Person Should Know Before Buying a NYC Co-op Apt

NYC co-op board packages can comprise hundreds of pages and preparing a NYC co-op application is oftentimes the most challenging and labor intensive part of purchasing a co-op apartment.