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NYC Real Estate Consultant
Principal Broker, DwellingsNYC

Over two decades of NYC real estate experience.

Overlooked details, rushed negotiations, and simple mistakes can cost buyers and sellers thousands of dollars. It’s important to work with a seasoned broker who has an intimate knowledge of New York real estate that can only come with time and experience.

Dickse Fitzgerald is a Certified Buyer Representative accredited by the Real Estate Board of New York.  Additionally, her extensive knowledge of architecture and residential buildings in Manhattan led her to author the architectural coffee table book, Window on the Park, New York’s Most Prestigious Properties on Central Park.


In order to purchase a condo or co-op apartment in Manhattan, the purchaser must fill out an application.* NYC apartment purchase applications usually comprise hundreds of pages and preparing one is oftentimes the most challenging and labor-intensive part of purchasing an apartment in NYC. 

DwellingsNYC includes a team of purchase application specialists. We assist buyers and real estate brokers with preparing standout purchase applications. 

With more than two decades of experience and over 1,000 lease and sales applications completed and reviewed, we are experts at the condo and co-op application process. Our service provides our clients with experienced guidance and a professional purchase application delivered to the managing agent.

If you need help with your NYC co-op or condo purchase application, please contact us.

*Excludes new development purchases


DwellingsNYC Standard Operating Procedure

All DwellingsNYC agents are required by State Law to uniformly apply their Brokerage’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) when qualifying Buyers/Renters.

The DwellingsNYC Real Estate SOPs are as follows:

  1. Prospective Client’s IDs: Buyer(s)/Renter(s) who are unaccompanied by their agent must provide their identification before entering a property or making an offer; when accompanied, the accompanying agent must either show their identification or that of their client(s)/customer(s).
  2. Exclusive Broker Agreement: No exclusive brokerage agreements are required for buyer(s)/renter(s) to work with DwellingsNYC agents.
  3. Pre-Approval / Proof of Funds: Proof of funds (excluding proof of income), including mortgage pre-approval when an offer includes financing, is required before making an offer to purchase/rent.

Property owners are nonetheless free to set their own qualifying criteria so long as such criteria is established in advance of soliciting buyers/renters, is applied uniformly and objectively to all buyers/renters and is non-discriminatory. Further, such criteria may only be directed by a property owner if such owner directs their criteria in writing, inclusive of the date of such direction.